‘Vogue’ Reportedly Sues Drake And 21 Savage Over Fake Promo Picture

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Vogue is reportedly suing Drake and 21 Savage over fake magazine cover.

Savage and Drake used a fake promo picture to promote their new album ‘Her Loss’. According to TMZ, Condé Nast, which owns Vogue, claims that they “have not endorsed” the album “in any way.” It’s being reported that both 21 and Drake were asked to remove all the promo using Vogue’s name.

The company also claims that Drizzy and Savage Condé Nast also claims Drake and 21’s teams sent out an email blast about “celebrating Drake’s Vogue cover” according to reports.

Condé Nast is asking a judge to cease the duo’s use of the Vogue name and is also asking for $4 million in damages.

Story still developing.

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DaBaby Seemingly Claps Back At Reports That His Concert Tickets Were B.O.G.O

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DaBaby is not here for the hearsay.

It was reported that his show in Birmingham, AL, was having a sell on tickets. The venue reportedly has a capacity of 1,300 people. Reports claim the tickets were buy one, get one free.

Following the reports, DaBaby shared a video of his show in Boston where the crowd was going crazy for him. He captioned the video, “STOP IT” which a laughing emoji. “Tell em how we rocking Boston.”

We also shared a video of his fans lined up outside the venue, seemingly upset that they couldn’t get in. “My young supporters outside MOBBING..” Baby writes. “love y’all back.”

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