Papoose Joins Diddy’s ‘Gotta Move On’ Freestyle Challenge After Fabolous

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Papoose is the latest rapper to tap into his rhymes to answer the Diddy’s “Gotta Move On” challenge with a fresh freestyle. Take a look below.

The Brooklyn native posted his freestyle to Instagram this Tuesday (October 10) by posting a photo of him in his car, with the music being played as background. From the beginning, Papoose got his creative flow going and referenced his routine for the morning in the freestyle.

Woke and thank God as I rise / I open two gifts up this morning they was my eyes / Stretched out my arms I start yawning / Roll over and tell my beautiful wife good morning / We gotta dress our daughter so she can go to school / Brush my teeth, the dog barked I said keep it cool / I gotta feed the dog before I eat my food,” Pap began his freestyle.

Papoose’s freestyle came just two days following Fabolous began the new challenge by releasing his own rendition of the smooth R&B track that was accompanied by an music video accompanying it. The red-tinted clip shows Fab singing his bars in the luxury of his van.

Back in my bag, back in my Fab/ Had to grab the white jacket and get back in the lab,” Fabolous begins the track. ” I thought you had my back ’til my back’s getting stabbed/ Now I’m back in the Bach and you back in a cab.”

The track continues to change later on, Fab switches to a slow flow while the rapper spits: ” Maybach Mercedes, newborn baby, yeah/ Putting that shit on like AB, yeah/ Playing with the Buccs like Brady, yeah/ Think I’m running back is crazy, yeah.”

The bars of Fab caught the eye of Diddy who then proceeded to announce an “Gotta Move On” freestyle challenge since he was thrilled.

“Hey Hey, go check this out. My entire existence is an online platform. I’m a platform for flyness,” Diddy said on Instagram. “So currently I’m in the middle of the challenge of open verse. Since I’m aware of many MCs on the market who actually perform rap.

“So it’s an open verse challenge to see who can muthafuckin’ spit the best 24 — or if you only got 16 then you can do that — but if it ain’t up to par of Fab then you don’t get with the winnings.”

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Whoever Diddy believes has the most effective freestyle will receive a signature from him, but Diddy doesn’t believe anyone can beat Fab. “I don’t know if anybody’s gonna win this one,” Diddy told the crowd, saying: “Everybody put the record on repeat. It’s not fair! We’re no. 1!”

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HipHopDX News Papoose Joins Diddy’s ‘Gotta Move On’ Freestyle Challenge After Fabolous Top HipHop

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