In a truly wild set of words for 2023, Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants (yes, the cartoon starfish) is now a viral TikTok trend. Why? Users are making the character sing the biggest R&B hits through AI technology.

While it’s just an attempt at the character’s voice and not really the greatest considering, many TikTok accounts are still having fun playing around to see how he sounds on different tracks. One of those doing it, user @twrksumn and her added account @aiquietstorm, has put Patrick with everything from Anita Baker’s “Angel” to Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak My Heart.”

“Patrick doing gospel and R&B now,” one person wrote under the Baker video with a bunch of laughing emojis.

“It’s giving Michael McDonald,” another user commented on a different video, which inspired the poster to make Patrick play his song, “I Keep Forgettin.”


Replying to @Almira Ara and now he’s giving Michael McDonald for real.

♬ original sound – Dréa

Another popular profile getting in on the Patrick craze is @martinluthervandrossjr, has added some edited memes of Patrick and Spongebob to go along with the AI vocals.

As the trend gains more traction, users are waiting to hear their favorite artists get an AI cover turn — or even hear other characters perform from the Bikini Bottom universe.

Check out just a few of the Patrick Star AI covers above.