PnB Rock’s Alleged Murderer, A 17-Year-Old, Has Been Arrested And Their Dad Is Wanted By The Police

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Los Angeles police have identified a pair of suspects in the murder of Philadelphia rapper PnB Rock, arresting one, according to TMZ. The LAPD says it has arrested a 17-year-old for shooting and killing PnB Rock at Roscoe’s House Of Chicken ‘N Waffles in South Los Angeles on September 12, while another suspect, the boy’s father, is still wanted. Police say the man, Freddie Lee Trone, drove the getaway car after the fatal shots were fired and have put out a photo for more information. After escaping with Rock’s jewelry, police say the killers burned the getaway car.

In addition, a new theory has emerged about how the rapper was targeted. Police now believe that the father and son were already in the parking lot when the rapper arrived, removing the possibility that he was targeted due to his social media posts. Fans were quick to speculate that social media played a role in the rapper’s death, likely due to the murder of Pop Smoke during a home invasion in 2020. In that case, the killers were said to have learned the address of his rental home from a video he posted on his Instagram Story.

Police also looked into the possibility that Rock’s established enemies had set up a hit; now, it appears that the attack was nothing more than a crime of opportunity.

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Uproxx PnB Rock’s Alleged Murderer, A 17-Year-Old, Has Been Arrested And Their Dad Is Wanted By The Police Top HipHop

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