Police are investigating an incident of an unknown caller contacting Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, and making disturbing comments, according to TMZ. On Wednesday night (July 12), police say someone called and texted Graham repeatedly over the course of 15 minutes, and when Dennis answered, went on a rant about the Freemasons and Drake. The police took a report, but haven’t announced any leads for who might have called Graham or what they wanted.

It isn’t the first time Drake’s had to deal with stalkers. Last spring, a woman named Mesha Collins, who had previously broken into Drake’s house in LA and helped herself to sodas from his fridge, tried to sue Drake for invasion of privacy (to the tune of a whopping $4 billion — which he does not have, by the way) and filed a restraining order against him. If that seems backwards, well, Drake righted the ship a month later, seeking his own restraining order against her for constantly visiting his home and sending threatening emails. In one, she encourage him to shoot himself in the head.

Drake and his dad seem like they are friendly, if not close, with Drake joking with his pops about an ancestry test Dennis took. With his dad’s 30% Nigerian heritage, Drake cheekily wondered if “I’m a Naija man.”

Source: uproxx.com