Pop Smoke Fans Angry When Photos Of Alleged Killer Eating Pizza Hut Surface

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Pop Smoke’s death was untimely more than two years ago, however, his suspected killer has been making headlines since photos of his eating Pizza Hut while behind bars appeared on the internet.

On the weekend, DJ Akademiks posted a picture of a 17-year-old in prison , with an Pizza Hut box on his bunk. In another photo the suspected shooter can be shown looking at his phone and holding the two Pizza Hut boxes and a brownie box in his bunk.

Smoke’s fans Smoke expressed their anger through social media platforms, asking how the suspect could have access to Pizza Hut pizza AND a phone while in prison.


Five people were arrested in connection with Pop Smoke’s murder in February. Five suspects Corey Walker, 19 as well as Keandre Rodgers are 22 years old. They are likely to be executed when they are found guilty of murder and robbery charges. Two minors the names of whom are not released because they are not yet adults, were each arrested on two counts of murder, and one of robbery.

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