Pop Smoke’s Killer Sparks Outrage With Pizza Hut Prison Photos

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The Pop Smoke’s suspect killer has plenty of people upset following photos of him in prison eating the size of a Pizza Hut meal with inmates were posted on the internet.

Akademiks posted the photos to the Instagram post on Thursday (October 7) The photos show the gunman who is suspected of shooting him posing with food items. In one picture the teenager is seen standing the middle of a mattress, and has a Pizza Hut box placed on the mattress behind him. in the second photo there are a variety of open pizza boxes are placed on the mattress, while the teenager is on his mobile.

Social media users were not pleased with the pictures and made their displeasure acknowledged in Akademiks comments section. Based on the majority of posts, the 17-year-old shouldn’t be able enjoy the pleasures of a Pizza Hut meal for having a hand in Pop Smoke’s.

“He killed the Woo he don’t get no pizza,” one person wrote. another added, “And He got the audacity to have all them damn toppings gang.”

A third party added: “Bro killed a man by an iron chain. Death penalty.”

Pop Smoke was murdered during an attempted home invasion that went wrong on the 19th of February 20th, 2020. A group of hooded criminals gained entry into the home Pop was renting via Airbnb and held a woman inside the home hostage. Pop discovered the intruders and obliged to forfeit his jewellery before trying to confront them. This resulted in Pop being shot.

The police arrived on the scene just six minutes later, and discovered Pop Smoke with several bullet wounds. The victim was transported into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where Pop Smoke was declared dead a few hours after the doctors operated on his body.

The reason for the failed theft was believed to be Pop Smoke’s extravagant Rolex watch that he posted on social media prior to the shooting. It eventually sold for around $2,000.

The man who was accused of being the triggerman in the murder of Pop Smoke was believed to be just 15 years old aged, which makes him the youngest of four defendants charged with murder and robbery charges in this case. The suspect allegedly confessed his involvement in the killing in a taped interview with a cellmate in the detention facility for juveniles in the month of May.

“He admitted to having shot his victim 3 times using three shots with a Baretta 9 (mm. ),” LAPD Detective Carlos Camacho testified at preliminary hearings. The detective testified that the teenage “admitted they asked for the jewelry” and later had “a confrontation” with Pop Smoke before killing the teen.

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“They got into a fight, and he shot him three times,” Camacho stated. “He said he shot him on the back.”

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