Post Malone: ‘I Watch Literally Every Episode Of ‘Modern Family’ Every Single Day’ On Tour

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From all of the series that are available to watch on the go, Modern Family is among the most popular. The show has been a winner and nominated for many awards, and had an entire run of 250 episodes and is currently available via Hulu. It’s been revealed that this ABC show is the Post-Melonas main favorite binge TV show to chill out while during a the road.

In a brand new interview with GQ interview, Malone was asked about how he unwinds while on the road, and he responded:

“I am a huge fan of watching every show on Modern Family every every single day. Everyday, I begin with Season one episode 1 before I get to bed, I’m done… because I simply put the show on as background music and also, when I’m not actually watching. When I’m asleep I’m finished with season eight. I’m thinking, “Where did this time fly by? I’m not sure how to comprehend.”

Posty’s enthusiasm for the Dunphy’s and others. is adorable, but his claims are difficult to believe.

As previously mentioned, Modern Family ran for a total of 250 episodes and with an average duration of 22 minutes for each episode, that’s 5,500 minutes, or more than 91 hours across the entire show. One day on Earth which, as you may have been told, lasts for the length of a day, which is 24 hours ( pretty much, anyway). If you believe that Malone’s statement that the show is “done with season eight” when he finally falls asleep, this is unlikely. There were 188 episodes during the first eight seasons of the show which last for 4,136 minutes, which is roughly 69 hours. While that’s great but it doesn’t appear feasible (assuming that Malone does not have the capacity to regulate the time flow).

There are ways Malone could be able to go through the entire show during the daytime; let’s say 14 hours, with 8 hours of sleep. If he was watching the show at 7 times rate, then he would finish it off in about 13 hours. Or, he could take a break and watch seven episodes simultaneously and breeze through the entire series in that manner. It’s also possible that Malone is a bit different in his conception of what he thinks the definition of a “day” to be. On Venus as an example, a day lasts for 5,832 hours.

In order to be able to answer the question of Malone (“Where is the time going?” ?”), It’s difficult to answer.

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