Yesterday, Post Malone surprised Times Square passersby by doing a free performance — the first person to play on the TSX Stage around dinnertime. Malone kicked off the set by playing his recent song, “Overdrive,” and shared some words with those who stopped to watch.

“I’m so happy the rain cleared up so we can hang out, ladies and gentlemen,” Malone said. “I just wanted to say to everybody who came to hang out I’m so grateful and so very honored to be kicking this off. This is the coolest venue in the f*cking universe. I’m super nervous and super happy you guys came out.”

“I’m the first guy to do this, and I was super terrified because I know everyone has a busy day and a busy schedule,” he added. “I have a new album coming out later this month and I’m super excited to play you something off the new record that hasn’t been released yet. Hopefully, I don’t f*ck it up.”

He went on to play “Everything Is Enough,” according to Billboard, which will be on his upcoming album, Austin. During the rest of the performance, Malone treated the crowd to his other hits, like “Rockstar” and “Congratulations.”

Malone was also spotted holding his special collaborative cup with Raising Canes (a chicken chain restaurant), who also recently opened up a flagship store in Times Square.

Check out some fan videos from Post Malone taking the Times Square TSX Stage by storm.