You’ll have to forgive the expression but this missing submersible story may have just jumped the shark (sorry!). After the stepson of one of the missing passengers — a billionaire aircraft broker — decided to go to a Blink-182 concert, all hell kind of broke loose. Cardi B offered her less-than-subtle thoughts on his actions, prompting him to snap back via Twitter, and now, Candace Owens of all people has gotten involved. Yuck.

Owens, who has yet to pass up an opportunity to use her long-running feud with Cardi for publicity, seized the latest, writing on Twitter, “We all know this day would come. Finally, I agree with @iamcardib and everything she said about the submarine stepson from hell.” Meanwhile, Cardi seemed less than impressed with this revelation, responding with a gif of a chewing kangaroo who somehow looks very skeptical.

Cardi had previously live-streamed her reaction to Brian Szasz’s post about going to the Blink-182 concert while his stepfather Hamish Harding was lost at sea (or under it, more accurately), saying, “You’re supposed to be at the house, sad. You’re supposed to be crying for me. You’re supposed to be right next to the phone, waiting to hear any updates about me.” Szasz took umbrage, calling Cardi a “pos trashy celeb” and accused her of “trying to get clout off me and my families suffering.”

Cardi later responded by pointing out that no one would have known who Brian Szasz was without his post, saying, “You was looking for clout all along, nobody knew who you were until you said that was ya stepdad!!! This is why people hate you spoiled brat billionaires yall soo desensitize.” (For what it’s worth, old news reports say Szasz has Asperger Syndrome, which can make people have a hard time relating to others and expressing emotions.)

Of course, the truly sad part of all this is that in all likelihood, the lost submersible — if it hadn’t already imploded — has run out of oxygen by now. Barring some very unlikely circumstances, the five men inside probably won’t be making it back. Meanwhile, Szasz’s Twitter account has been deactivated.