Pusha T Gives Fan Drug Dealing Advice After Copping Their ‘First Brick’

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“Pusha T” knows the ropes of the flipping of kilograms of cocaine and when it comes to people seeking to shed the weight, there are no better people to give guidance.

This past the Sunday (October 9) On Sunday (October 9), Pyrex P posted some of his dope-boy wisdom to a fan who believed to have bought the “first brick.” The fan was so thrilled about the gift that was wrapped in saran that they decided to tag him as the Virginia Beach native on Twitter and acknowledged him as the person who inspired the purchase.

“Got my first brick to flip courtesy of @PUSHA_T,” they wrote.

Pusha T spotted the tweet, and instructed her fan about how they can keep”the “brick” on their drive to home, without drawing unwanted interest.

“Drive home slow and very steady,” the driver recommended.

A lot of fans consider Pusha T’s advice useful, particularly given that the fact that he’s been involved in coke rappers for the majority of his career in the past two decadesin both the form part of Clipse as well as a sole artist in Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music.

In March in March, the King Push disclosed his three favorite rappers who coke in an interview interview Complex -including himself on the list.

Hov is first, because he made Reasonable Doubt and that is the grail of all drug levels, without being all about drugs,” Hov stated. “It was more about the culture of the time.

“Lyrically I’m going declare that I’m the next. Also, I’ll declare that Jeezy is in third place, as I can’t think of any better time that the Trap Or Die.”

Pusha T Debates Clipse, Jeezy & Biggie While Crowning Best Coke Rap Song Of All Time

In the interview Pusha T also addressed negative reaction to”coke rap” and the “coke rap” niche and said the term was “lazy,” while saying that he believes he has raised the level of the art form.

“I don’t know when it became cool for people to slight the cornerstone of rap,” he stated. “It’s funny because I’m subject to a lot of criticism for the phrase “coke rap. They’re either knocking it down or trying to find ways to devalue it.

“Like I’m dropping an album, undergo a cycle, and, when the album’s cycle is complete and then I’m back tothinking “Oh, it’s only this, it’s not this. Then, I see the same people dismiss the genre while I’m in the mood and they’ll just relax. In my absence it’s “Oh it’s great lyricism.'”

Pusha T’s dope-boy expertise could soon be felt in the business arena too. On April 1, Tesla chief executive and billionaire Elon Musk declared he was planning to purchase Coca-Cola as well as “put the cocaine back in.”

Musk’s tweet attracted the attention of Pusha when Musk added himself to his conversation with the subtle eye emojis in response.

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