Pusha T Wants Help Finding Fan’s Lost Prosthetic Leg

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“Pusha T” is searching for the prosthetic leg of one of his fans who was unable to find it during some of Virginia performer’s live shows.

The following Wednesday (September 29) the King Push’s It’s Nearly Dry tour that started off in Mayarrived in St. Louis, Missouri for a performance in The Pageant.

Based on one tweet the show went wild during Pusha’s performance which resulted in the person losing the prosthetic leg. “I lost my prosthetic leg at your stl show, still had fun tho,” they posted on Twitter.

Pusha T was able to see the tweet and then proceeded to send a message for his fans to assist him in finding that missing leg. “We gotta find that man…if you were at the STL show and know where my guy’s prosthetic leg is…pls hand it over,” the rapper tweeted.

Pusha’s responses were entertaining at best, mostly humor and disbelief that someone actually broke their leg during a performance.

“Imagine coming home full of energy from the show and then you sit down and have a cigarette and then reach into your pocket to get your lighter..look down, up, and down at the same time and you’ll be facepalming yourself, muttering “dammit Mitchell not again ..,” one fan wrote.

Another participant said: “I’m curious as when in the evening when he realized that his leg was missing… Was it while walking to the bar? Did he get up and dance, and then suddenly unbalanced? Did he wake up and have no clue the whereabouts?”

A few of the responses were a are in reference towards the Marvel characters such as Rocket who in the initial Guardians of the Galaxy film, pranks Peter Quill (played by Chris Pratt) by telling him he needs prosthetic legs from a prisoner so that they can escape.

One fan later claimed that he saw the leg inside the bathroom at the venue. He even posted a picture to prove it in the caption “Who da fuck forgot their leg.”

Although it’s unclear if it was in fact the real leg of the victim or just someone who was trolling or if the leg was recovered and then returned to its owner, it certainly made for an extremely entertaining Twitter conversation.

Pusha T doesn’t always have all heart. This week, the rapper again collaborated with Arby’s to attack McDonald’s with a fresh diss track which takes shots at the famous restaurant and their McRib lunch.

Pusha T Reveals He’s Working On ‘Really Special’ New Album

The Virginia natives served “Rib Roast” on Tuesday (September 27) and accompanied it with a video that features professional bull rider Ezekiel “Blue” Mitchell. “It’s the second diss track with @Arbys that buries ’em,” Push posted on Twitter..

The spot, which is themed around cowboys, will rub salt in McDonald’s injuries by showing pictures of sad-looking clowns, as well as juxtapositions to McRib and Arby’s Real Country Style Rib Sandwich. McRib along with the Arby’s Real Country Style Rib Sandwich that is expected to make the return this year because of the demand.

“That McRib falls below average/ Replaced by the Country Style Arby’s Rib Sandwich,”King Push Raps over a Wild Western-inspired beat. “McDonald’s, what you selling, mystery meat?/ Hop up and go away, what this history teach?/ Mickey D’s, McRib, you ain’t it in the streets/ The Real Country Style Rib Sandwich here to compete.”

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