On Sunday, rap fans tuning into the BET Awards were treated to a heartwarming surprise as feuding Migos members Quavo and Offset put aside their differences — at least for one night — to honor their fallen comrade Takeoff. Performing the group’s No. 1 single “Bad N Boujee,” the two Atlanta rappers looked as though not a day had passed since they last shared a stage, even though in reality, it has been over a year.

However, don’t expect the good vibes to continue. According to TMZ, although the duo had privately reconciled months ago, they currently have no plans to continue recording music together. As TMZ notes, neither side has expressed any intentions of continuing to perform or record under the group name Migos in the future — a fact was suggested nearly a year ago during the rollout for Quavo and Takeoff’s separate duo album Only Built For Infinity Links. After all, “Migos” explicitly refers to a trio, as they have insisted in the past, and TMZ’s sources said they would never try to replace Takeoff.

The trio had been more or less defunct for some time, though, as Offset prepped a solo album (still in the works) and Quavo and Takeoff did their own thing. From some of the comments the group made throughout the year, it seemed a rift had formed that the group was quite ready to reconcile. As recently as February, it was reported that Quavo and Offset had gotten into a scuffle at the Grammy Awards when Offset was blocked from joining Quavo’s tribute to Takeoff. While they denied the rumors, a video of Cardi B yelling at someone backstage seemed to insinuate that there was at least some truth to them.

Hopefully, the bad blood is in the rearview, and although we might not get any new Migos tunes in the immediate future, it’s probably more important that the two rappers mend their broken bonds of brotherhood. After all, like Jay-Z said: Nobody wins when the family feuds.

Source: uproxx.com