Quavo And Takeoff Insist That ‘Nothing Changed’ On Their New Single, Despite Missing The Third Migo

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Quavo and Takeoff are now a week away from the release of their album Only Built For Infinity Links, and have shared its latest single, “Nothing Changed.” It’s exactly the sort of thumping trap banger you would expect to hear from the duo, with a beat produced by Marcel ’‘Mars’‘ Korkutata and longtime Migos collaborator DJ Durel. The two Atlanta rappers split the track evenly with their verses, spitting rapid-fire boasts, with Quavo name-dropping Batman and Takeoff using an extended “chains” rhyme scheme playing on their album’s title.

If anyone was hoping for a hint about the duo’s ongoing relationship with Offset, they’ll be disappointed, though. Through the three previously released singles — “Hotel Lobby,” “Us Vs. Them,” and “Big Stunna” — they’ve studiously avoided addressing the potential controversy regarding the trio’s potential breakup. The closest they’ve come was an interview explaining why Takeoff wasn’t on their 2017 hit “Bad And Boujee” — hardly a satisfactory explanation for the group’s current status questions.

In July, Quavo did give a promising perspective on the situation, though. “I feel like every group member has to establish themselves,” he told GQ. “Their own body of work. If not, you start losing members.” Maybe we will find out if that’s what’s happening with Migos when Only Built For Infinity Links arrives on October 7 via Motown.

Listen to “Nothing Changed” above.

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