Quavo Reveals Raekwon Blessed ‘Only Built For Infinity Links’: ‘We Respect The OGs’

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Quavo has disclosed the fact that Raekwon has given his approval for the Atlanta rapper’s upcoming project Takeoff The project is called Only Built for Infinity Links.

Following the release of the track “Hotel Lobby” under their new name Unc and Phew on May 1, Quavo along with Takeoff confirmed in the fall that their forthcoming album would be out on the 7th of October.

The project’s name is a nod towards Raekwon as well as Ghostface Killah‘s 1995 hip-hop iconic “One of a Kind” Cuban Linx and Huncho revealed to that TMZ that the New York legend signed off on the song’s title.

“We most definitely hollered at Raekwon,” Quavo said to the outlet as he walked down the elevator in Los Angeles International Airport. “It was pure love. We showed him respect. We assured him that it would be a privilege and we’re releasing this album titled Only Built for Infinity Links and it’s influenced by you guys.”

He went on to say: “So we just wanted to let you know we respect the OG’s and we most definitely love Wu-Tang, got respect for Wu-Tang, but right now this is what it’s about.”

He also stated that the album is “the greatest album of all time.”

Takeoff and Quavo revealed the tracklist for the album on the 8th of September. With 21 tracks, Only Built For Infinity Links is an all-star affair with tracks from the currently imprisoned young Thug and Gunna and Gucci Mane, NBA YoungBoy, Birdman, Mustard and Summer Walker.

“Hotel Lobby” The track – which is already gold and was supported by the Fear and Loathing Las Vegas-inspired video over the summer – appears on the tracklist and also the Birdman-produced “Big Stunna.”

The project is not going to contain The Chef even though he being linked together with Offset along with Quavo to smoke a joint earlier in the month of August.

Their former Migos co-star Offset will be releasing his own album on the 11th of November. It’s unclear if the trio were at odds or not, but the rapper recently stated to that magazine that the two of them just wanted to pursue their own interests.

Quavo Finally Explains Why Takeoff Was Left Off Migos’ ‘Bad & Boujee’

“It focused on Migos, Migos, Migos. Three members of the group,” he said, talking about starting the trio’s career. “I believe that every participant in the group has to define their own identity. Their own set of activities. If not, you begin to lose members.”

Raekwon’s Ob4CL reached the top five of the Billboard 200 when it dropped in 1995. The album was instrumental in launching the mid-90s mafioso hip-hop movement. It was a hit album that inspired another equally beloved sequel in 2009, was certified platinum in February. Raekwon has teased for a long time an additional album in the series, but he has told HipHopDX in November of last year that fans will need to wait and be patient and wait.

“Right now, I’m going to give you another project before we actually give you the III,” he told me that time. “Because that the III is still being curated by us this to make it stronger. Since the time is moving fast and I have an additional deck item which will open the vessel to allow Cuban Linx III to be released in the near future. Also, be prepared however.”

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