Quavo Says Without Him There Probably Wouldn’t Be Quality Control Music

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Quavo has shown off his forthcoming “Only Built for Infinity Links” project using Takeoff along with a line of a track has caught the Internet’s focus.

In a video filmed in an unidentified studio, Unc & Phew are heard rapping with one of the album’s 21 tracks. Although neither the song’s full version nor its title is included in the video the clip begins with Huncho declaring: “If it weren’t for P, shit, it probably wouldn’t be no me/ And if weren’t for me, shit, it probably wouldn’t be QC.”

Although the statement may appear unorthodox to certain people but Migos were not the first act signed to Quality Control Music. Migos were actually the first group to be signed with Quality Control Music. In the words of Billboard however, the label’s cofounder Kevin “Coach K” Lee was the one to bring his band the Migos into the fold since they were already in the process of courting Gwinnett County. Gwinnett County trio shortly after his departure from managing Gucci Mane..

“Pee wanted to do the label thing,” Coach stated in 2015. “I was like, ‘I’ll manage them.'”

The track is released at a moment that is unique in Migos history when Quavo and Takeoff are preparing their debut album together as a duo, Offset is not happy with the company. In August, Offset revealed that he had filed a lawsuit against QC and claimed that the label could not give him a release even though he had paid “handsomely” to own the rights to his music.

When the news about the lawsuit went viral, P addressed the fallout on social media and wrote: “The last lawsuit was publically filed and then dismissed in a quiet manner. Let’s see how this one will goes. I’ve been to true for the whole pathetic rubbish. Everyone knows the real issue.”

As per the website TMZ, a representative of the label further stated that “Not just are the claims in this lawsuit untrue but they’re also completely detached from the reality. Offset remains component of QC. We are back in business.”

In spite of everything that has transpired and Offset’s announcement of an new solo album to be released on November 11, none of Migos have responded to rumors that the trio has broken up their relationship forever.

Quavo Finally Explains Why Takeoff Was Left Off Migos’ ‘Bad & Boujee’

Quavo, who has recently stated to the magazine his belief that all outward actions he takes will only aid in securing the group, appears to be addressing the situation in the now viral excerpt. “J ust some dumb rich n-ggas tryin’ to get it out the streets/ Can’t let ego, can’t let money come between the team,” Quavo says.

In the last month Quavo and Takeoff revealed the tracklist for Only Built For Infinty Links The album will be released this the 7th of October (October 7.). Although the album includes appearances by Birdman, Gucci Mane, Gunna, Mustard, Summer Walker, Youngboy Never Broke again along with Young Thug Offset was not included.

The album is also missing Raekwon who, it is reported, was in favor of the album’s name in a nod to his debut album of 1995, Only Built For Cuban Linx.

“We most definitely hollered at Raekwon,” Quavo said to The TMZrecently. “It was pure love. We showed him respect. We said it was an honor to drop the album Only Built for Infinity Links and it’s influenced by you all.”

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