Rapper Big Pooh On His New Album ‘To Dream In Color’ And How Reinvention As A Manager And DJ Has Kept Him In The Game

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Exclusive The rapper Big Pooh has worn many roles throughout his nearly 20 years in the industry. He was a founding member of legendary band Little Brother, who has released a variety of critically highly acclaimed albums. As an individual artist, Pooh has released several highly regarded albums like Sleepers, The Delightful Bars, RPM, and his Fat Boy Fresh series.

In addition, Pooh has become a DJ and manager, and has performed all over the world , displaying all his talents to show. According to Pooh his own words, innovation is the key to enduring within the realm of Hip-Hop.

“Reinvention extends your lifeline,” Pooh stated to HipHopDX in the days leading up to her scheduled show at the state of North Carolina. “When you reinvent yourself, this allows one to go with your life since it’s all about adapting to the changing times. The time taken to and work with young artists can revive me. DJing as a DJ has allowed me to fall back in my love for music. I have the pleasure of watching legends such as Dr.Dre working in the studio and witness the way things work on that scale. This is a free school. This is similar to Ph.D.-level courses in songwriting and music production. These various things assist in extending the lifespan of what you’re trying to accomplish in this industry .”

“You can be an artist forever,” said the artist. “But there’s a window to your highest level. You must realize that the fact that things aren’t at the same level as when you’re at your best. It’s when you’ll earn the most, but what do you have do to be awed to be doing what it is you’re doing? In my case, whether it’s A&R, management, DJing, or managing, I love the opportunity to meet and collaborate with legendary artists. These experiences to keep me going and keep motivating me to keep creating .”

On top of all the other things that he is involved in, Pooh is also a successful manager , guiding the careers of emerging artists such as Tre’mar, T. Smith, and Dreamville Records signee Lute. With his extensive experience as an artist Pooh understands the difficulties artists go through and thinks he’s more qualified to be manager.

“I’m pro artist and I understand what an artist needs,” He said. “I am able to think like them since it’s my job to be an artist. However I’m not going to be a target with your energy because I’ve seen many and have done lots and have visited a variety of locations. Because I have an artist’s background, I know the business aspect however, I’ll always favor artists because I’m an artist. Many people don’t realize that often artists are the weak side of the stick in the business world which is why I’m always ready to stand up for artists. .”

Pooh explained the challenges associated with managing in the current music business. In terms of management the manager must be aware of the way the game is evolving in the context of working with emerging artists.

“For me, the biggest challenge is adjusting to a younger generation that does things differently whether it’s a want or need,” said he declared. “Business changes constantly and it’s important to be aware that each time you introduce the latest artist .”

The latest album by Pooh, To Dream In Color The album has received high praise when it debuted in August. The album’s 10 tracks are an impressive collection which features flawless production, intriguing lyricism and an engaging storytelling. He talked about the tone that he designed for the project that he claims is the most intimate of his recordings to date.

“Even when I’m using multiple producers, I still want it to be cohesive,” He declared. “Praise, J.Smash, The Nukez as well as Rich Bartell because they touched all the songs in the record. They were a great help in terms of sound and inspired me to try various things to determine the things that work and what doesn’t.

He went on to say: “We sat for countless hours in the studio, working on the tracks while making sure we were attentive to the sound of the recording. Then when the public learned that I began working on this album in the month of August 2021 and finished it on August 2 2022, the album took me a full year to complete the album as we worked on the sound. The writing process didn’t take a lot of time, but building things musically was a labour of affection .”

One of the best tracks on the album includes “Mother’s Day” which is an emotional song that pays tribute to the mother of his son and all women who have profoundly affected his life. The song’s creator recalled the song’s process and the reasons it was so important to incorporate it into the album.

“I bought that track for “Mother’s Day” from D.K. The Punisher,” Pooh recalled. “He performed a lot of things to Sir the Baptist, Justin Bieber, D Smoke but I’ve known him since he was just 17 years old. While when he went to high school, we made our first album together in the year 2011. I was looking to connect with him on this album and he sent me some beats, and one song that stood in my head. I could be holding it around for around one year before I made any changes to it.

“When I finally got at my desk to pen, I began thinking about my mother. I had just begun thinking about the road to get there in North Carolina, so I wrote the first line and sat with the poem for months. In the process of trying to decide the things I was going to write with the second line and I was thinking about my best friend’s mother , who lived just a few doors from us. I often spent time at her home. I eventually moved into their home after graduating high school. .”

“She was partly responsible for me [ending] up in North Carolina,” the man said. “I was ready to go to Old Dominion and she went and spoke with an elder at my church. He was also able to get the opportunity to receive a scholarship from North Carolina Central University. Within one few weeks, I would be heading up to North Carolina Central on the scholarship. These women were the inspiration behind ‘Mother’s day’. .'”

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To Dream in Color is an eminent artistic declaration by Pooh. Through the album Pooh explores topics like family, grief, problems, and financial difficulties through vulnerability and openness. His goal for the album is for listeners to be at ease.

“I just want those who listen to the album to have a better understanding of who I am as a person, and I want them to understand that we as artists are people just like them,” the singer stated. “I am trying to express some of the issues people are experiencing, such as on the track ‘LS400. This song is about self-confidence, or insufficient confidence. There are many people suffering from lack of confidence and try to put the confidence in other things. My experience was that I tried to put it in the chance to record and making funds for the first time in my life or other things like that. True confidence comes from within a .”

“I felt as if I was at the high when I received my LS400. The car was my very first, and I drove it home with my first big rap-check, said the man. “It was a sign of my success , or so I believed at the moment. I knew I was flying. [Laughs”Laughs. I soon realized that an LS400 was not the answer to my issues. .”

Although Pooh’s progress is evident in To Dream In Color, it also serves as an account of his development as a person. Being a revered veteran in this game Pooh can’t help but drop his collection of jewels throughout the years.

“Writing the album was cathartic,” the singer said. “I was sharing my experiences as a man, and I feel it’s essential for those of my age but even younger ones to be able to listen. There’s a lot of things, but I’m the only one who need to know the truth. They should know that I’m prosperous and that I’m experiencing all of that. I went out and took Uber and it’s not a problem. It’s the real thing. .”

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