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Janelle Monae is in their self-renaissance era and no clothing is required. After a clip of them dancing on the top of a bar following the 2023 Met Gala and another of her flashing fans during a performance, the “” singer has been the talk of the town. As they prepare for the release of their forthcoming album, The Age Of Pleasure, TDE’s Reason has a special marketing request for them.

Taking to Instagram, Reason sent a voice note to Monae to ask to “borrow” their boobs for his upcoming music rollout. In an audio clip uploaded to Instagram, the “Barely Miss” rapper says, “Hey Queen. Um, I just wanted to ask respectfully, in the most endearing respectful way, I want to know if I can borrow ya titties for my rollout. I know this is asking a lot, but I’ve seen what your titties did for your rollout and I’m in need.”

He continued, “I’m in need of help for content every single day, Tik Tok, the algorithm is changing, the label wants me to go viral and I saw, it’s a very nice pair of titties also by the way, I saw what those titties did for you, but I was just wondering if you had a daily fee for your titties for my rollout. Um, let me know. I hope you don’t take this any type of way. Just a business transaction. All love. Respect to you queen.”

Reason’s message has not yet garnered a response from Monae. So, in a follow-up post, Reason opened up the offer to anyone willing to partake.

Monae has made it clear that their body and how they use their body to express themselves for social liberation not for the male gaze.

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Uproxx Rapper Reason Has An ’Endearing’ And ‘Respectful’ Marketing Request For Janelle Monae To Help With His Rollout Top HipHop