Ray J Calls Out Diddy After Ye Spat: ‘Told You Months Ago I Some Issues With Certain Clows’

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In the past few days the text messages sent by Diddy towards Kanye West were posted on Instagram. Ye would then provoke Diddy and others, presumably infuriating the mogul for a time before cool heads prevailed. Diddy wrote a post in Ye’s way, however It was Ray J who responded.

One day after Diddy stood up for Kanye West in the appearance of The Breakfast Club, the megastar became the latest victim by supporters of the White Lives Matter supporter.

A couple of weeks ago, Diddy swore off of Adidas because of their perceived attitude towards Kanye West, and urged others to follow suit. In a recent appearance at The Breakfast Club, just few days following the Kanye West’s “White Lives Matter” shirt debut, Diddy stated Ye can be “misconstrued.”


Evidently, after Diddy was gone from The Breakfast Club, he called Ye to try to sway him up on the majority of his White Lives Matter support. Kanye took to Instagram to inform his fans that he isn’t happy with the comments made by Diddy.

“I didn’t like our convo,” Kanye wrote. “I’m selling these t-shirts. There’s no one who stands the way of my cash.”

After expressing the respect of Diddy, Kanye reverted course and wrote “Come do something illegal to me noooow pleeeeeeeeeeaase.”

Diddy apparently furious, demanded a face-to-face discussion. Kanye’s reaction: “NIGGA FUUUUUCK YOU. YOU FED.”

The following Sunday Diddy seemed to be moving forward, writing his Instagram, “On this Sunday, I hope we as a people stop all the Coonin’ and baffoonin… Unapologetically black first!”

After seeing the message, Ray J came with the scent of smoke.

“Yo Puff – I came to yo house and Told you a couple months ago I had some issues with certain [clowns] and niggas was quiet – now all of a sudden”

You can get the message of Ray J below.

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