Ray J Was ‘Messing Around’ When He Posted Concerning Messages

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Ray J appears to be doing well in spite of posting some disturbing comments on Instagram.

The day before, (Oct. 7.), TMZ released an update on the crooner and entrepreneur who was a source of concern for fans because of social media posts in which the singer appeared to be contemplating suicide. According to the news website, Ray J is well and surrounded by family. The rumored incident was caused by Ray J drinking and “messing around,” sources close to Ray say to TMZ.

The night before (Oct. 6, 2017)), Ray J shared a number of posts on IG that caused people to be worried about his health. In one of the posts, Ray appears to be perched on a hill with a views of water in the distant distance.

“If it wasn’t for my kids I would jump off and die tonight,” the caption read.

In a follow-up blog post to Ray J’s IG Story, Ray J wrote, “Trying to figure it out if this reality was an illusion. Perhaps the next life was the real me.”

Another post is only showing Ray from the bottom of his legs. “Should I just leap off and stop the post now?” !!!????” The caption reads.

XXL has been in contact with Ray J for comment.

Ray J has been in the news more frequently than normal recently. Recently the actor has been involved in an argument between Kim Kardashian and the Kardashian family regarding claims that he was nefariously leaker of his famous sex tape featuring Kim Kardashian and has been keeping the sex tapes of his subsequent encounters on her heads since. In the last month, he stated that he was considering the possibility of taking legal action.

Should you suspect that someone who you are aware of is in danger of self-harming or contemplating suicide contact the

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

by calling 800-273-8255, texting TALK to 741741, or go to


for additional resources.

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