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Real Boston Richey has responded to allegations that he snitched after an apparent interrogation video has surfaced online.

The Freebandz rapper went viral earlier in January after a vlogger named 1090 Jake uploaded paperwork that allegedly showed Richey had cooperated with law enforcement during two separate cases. One related to a Grand Theft Auto case in 2013, and another allegedly related to a murder case he was involved in at 19 years old.

While Richey’s co-defendant in the Grand Theft Auto case told Say Cheese! that the Tallahassee rapper didn’t snitch, matters were made worse for Richey on Tuesday (January 24) when 1090 Jake shared an interrogation video online that allegedly showed Richey snitching to cops. He claims Richey identifies various people involved in the case and “name drops” an “alleged shooter” before listing off gang members.

Richey has been trying to clear his name for weeks and recently phoned-up Akademiks to criticize the video and push back on allegations he cooperated with authorities. He also said this was the first time he had seen the interrogation video, and that the interrogation was done when he was already heading to jail in relation to a separate case.

Richey added his conversation with police was over an “incident” he allegedly had with another individual, and that police viewed that individual as a person of interest in a separate murder case.

“In my city, this shit ain’t even no big situation ’cause everybody know about this shit,” Richey told Ak at the 22-minute mark in the below video. “So as I’m getting interviewed, this like my second time being interviewed so now I’m just like on some shit like, ‘Y’all trippin’ me and bro had a situation but that shit I know for a fact this man ain’t kill my cousin.’ I don’t know who killed this man,’ we giving him the whole run around. That shit was a goose chase like me and my whole interview bruh.”

He continued by saying no one involved in that incident ended up being charged with any crime, and that Richey was feeding the police fake information just to get out of the situation.

“While I’m in an interview and I was on the way to jail I had already got hit with two new charges and I’m out on bond for a pistol charge, all type of shit,” Richey continued. “So you know they pressuring me the whole week, why they’re coming by like, ‘Oh yeah you gonna get hit with RICO charges … ’cause we know your cousin got killed behind your incident with Mr. Wiggins.’”

Richey reaffirmed that he didn’t snitch on anyone and that the video shows him merely giving the cops “the runaround.”

“There are so many n-ggas that don’t know what the true definition of snitiching and what ain’t snitching,” Richey continued. “N-ggas do too much. Bruh I been going to jail since I was damn near 12…Why the fuck I’m gonna tell on a n-gga I know I ain’t going to jail for? This situation ain’t even got nothing to do with me at all!”

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Richey went on to say that he doesn’t need approval or “gratification” from other people in order to know he’s not a snitch and that he’s had money long before his time as a rapper. He added that when he first was accused of snitching, he was told by his peers to keep it moving and not respond to anything.

“I got people I don’t even know trolling,” Richey concluded. “There ain’t one street n-gga that hit my phone and be like, ‘Hey yo boy you told!’”

Real Boston Richey is signed to Future’s Freebandz label and was recently removed from his One Big Party Tour. Fans speculated it had something to do with the snitching allegations, but Richey said in a separate Instagram address that he got removed for an entirely different reason.

“Fuck I look like gettn took off da tour,” he wrote with a laughing emoji. “I’m locked in gettn this music in order for this album. I’m tryna drop that trapping and finessing joint!”

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