Doja Cat, the acclaimed “Woman” singer, is finally delivering what her fans have been eagerly waiting for: fresh tracks. Her new singles, “Attention” and “Paint The Town Red,” are part of her much-anticipated upcoming album, “Scarlet.” However, she had kept the release date under wraps until now.

Doja Cat recently shared an image, which could potentially be the album cover, featuring a large purple spider against a white backdrop. The caption accompanying the image read, “SCARLET 9.22 [spider emoji],” with a parental advisory sticker placed in the bottom right corner of the image. Despite this reveal, fans remain skeptical due to her previous misleading statements about the album.

In addition to this, she has also hinted at another new single titled “Demons.”

A few weeks ago, Doja announced the title “Scarlet” during an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. She also shared some insights into the content of the album. She described the album as more introspective but assured fans that it wouldn’t be dull. She aims to provide a blend of stories and catchy tunes. She sees this project as an exciting platform to showcase her rap skills and discuss her life experiences. However, she clarified that she would not be forsaking her roots in pop and singing.