Beyoncé’s partnership with Adidas may not have been as profitable as anticipated, but the pop icon continues to demonstrate her ability to influence her vast fan base and significantly impact a company’s success. In 2020, her lyrical mention led to a surge of aspiring entrepreneurs joining OnlyFans, and recently, she reportedly boosted traffic to some Etsy stores by up to 400% after making a specific birthday request.

As she approaches the conclusion of her Renaissance Tour, the Houston-born singer requested fans to wear silver outfits for the remaining shows in celebration of Virgo season. “We’ll surround ourselves in a shimmering human disco ball each night, everyone reflecting each other’s joy,” she posted on Instagram.

Fans have eagerly responded to her request. TMZ reports that chrome-colored clothing on e-commerce sites’ network of handmade apparel shops are selling out across the board. One company that produces sequin fans reported a 200% increase in sales, along with the previously mentioned 400% traffic boost.

Another retailer, Radiancy Designs, reported a fourfold increase in traffic, with 80% of it coming from search keywords related to the Renaissance Tour. From personal observation over the weekend, even physical stores on LA’s popular Melrose shopping strip have been promoting their most dazzling silver garments in preparation for the Renaissance Tour’s arrival later this week. So, if you’re planning to attend — good luck getting ready! However, Beyoncé’s Amazon merchandise is still available for purchase.