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Rick Ross may love to live the flashy lifestyle, with large mansions and luxury vehicles. But there is one luxury vehicle he refuses to set foot in. In a since-expired Instagram Story (per XXL), Ross revealed he has never ridden in a Tesla. His reason: He believes the vehicle may bring him to the feds.

Ross said to someone off camera

“I won’t say I’ll never have a smart car, but I’ve never ridden in a Tesla. Never. Never in my life. I’ve never ridden in a Tesla and the reason being is because I’ve always had in the back of my mind, the government could tap into the brain of the car. ‘OK, where’s Rick? He’s over there. Nah, bring him in for questioning.’ [Makes car sounds with mouth]… It’s leaving Wingstop. You pull up to the building and the agent walk out. ‘Hey, Rick.’”

He continued, “What, you think it can’t? So if you get in that muthaf*cka, that muthaf*cka lock the door and take you where it wanna go. You think you finna smoke a blunt? That b*tch will suck the air out that b*tch.”

It’s safe to say Ross will most likely be sticking with his Aston Martin.

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