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Rick Ross has revealed he’s making some expensive renovations to his massive Promise Land mansion and he did it in the Biggest Bawse way possible.

The rapper took to his Instagram Story earlier this week to let fans know what he plans to add to this already luxurious mansion. According to Ricky Rozay, he wants to get new porcelain flooring, and he’s spending a pretty penny on it.

“I’m about to spend $5million on porcelain floors on the entire Promise Land. 55,000 square feet. I wanted to see what two slabs would look like side-by-side,” Rick Ross said. “Antolini, made in Italy. No, this is none of that other stuff. This is made in Italy.”

He continued: “There won’t be no carpet nowhere. It’s only Antolini. Right here, you going to see them veins. I told them I want the veins to be running together, and then on that side, I’m going to make a lap. That bitch going to be like, ‘Antolini, Antolini, Antolini.’”

Rick Ross isn’t afraid of opening his wallet to enhance his luxurious mansion in Atlanta, Georgia. Last December, he upgraded his brunch area with a custom table made from a 757 airplane engine.

“I just had my table delivered, been waiting on this a long time,” Rozay said in a clip shared online. “This is my amazing brunch area, but guess what we did? I bought a motor from a 757 airliner. That’s right, an airplane! A 757 airliner.

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“Had the blades polished, had the lights inserted. I can change the lights any color I want to. Had the table top – the top glass – cut. This is a Ricky Rozay customization.”

The following month, the Maybach Music Group boss revealed he’s also having a fish tank worth $1million built inside the mansion. He showed the work in progress on his Instagram Story and asked his followers if they’ve ever seen an aquarium like the one he’s about to have.

“Yo, have you ever seen a million-dollar fish tank?” he asked his followers. “You will in a few weeks.”

Ross also likes to spend his money outside of the home. In October, he purchased a $1.5million Mystery Tourbillion watch from Jacob & Co. that was so valuable it had to be delivered in an armored vehicle.

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