Rick Ross Says He’s Afraid To Try Almond Milk: ‘Is They Squeezing It Out Of The Peanut?’

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Rick Ross has been playing the food business through his latest Wingstop acquisition of a franchise in addition to the debut of his Rozay Cheddar flavor Rap Snacks chips. In an interview of DJ Khaled on GQ’s Hype Debate, Ross revealed that the chips he is a fan of can be described as “the greatest snack of all time.” Khaled stated that his favorite snack of all time is Cinnamon Toast Crunch with almond milk.

Ross has since admitted that he has never tried almond milk but he has recently, he had a go at the milk at 2.

“I’m still not up on the almond milk,” Ross confessed to Khaled. “Rozay remains frightened. The question is Is it coming from the almonds in the walnut? Are they squeezeing it from the peanut?”

Khaled replied by saying “I don’t have that answer and I usually have every answer.”

At the final part of the video Khaled said his desire for his picture to appear on a container of Cinnamon Toast Crunch one day, similar to the same manner that Ross has seen his picture in his personal bag Rap Snacks. Khaled is also able to convince Ross to taste Cinnamon Toast Crunch and almond milk.

You can read the entire debate and read Ross his reaction to tasting almond milk in the video above.

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