The nominations for the 2023 Emmy Awards were announced yesterday (July 12), and the music world was well-represented. Kid Cudi’s Netflix series Entergalactic is nominated for Best Animated Program, while Rihanna’s Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show picked up five nods. Since then, both artists have shared their reactions to the news.

Rihanna shared a gallery of photos from the performance on Instagram and wrote, “pull up breed up 2 d bashment… 5 EMMY NOMZ is craaaaazzzyyy!!! Im so grateful for every single person involved in creating these memories!” The official account of the NFL commented, “deserve em all [trophy emojis].”

Meanwhile, Cudi justifiably spent pretty much the whole day being excited about the news. His initial reaction was the tweet, “ENTERGALATIC IS EMMY NOMINATED!!!! YES YES YESSSSSSSSS!!! OMG WTF THIS IS INSANE!!!!! [crying emojis] THANK U GOD [folded hand emojis].” He followed that with, “Love to all the homies that hit me and showed love about the emmy nom. Trav [Travis Scott] hit me first before anyone sayin congrats. It feels good to know I got real homies, real family out here that support me always.”

He later tweeted, “THIS IS HUGE!!! CONGRATS TO THE WHOLE TEAM WHO BUSTED THEIR ASSES FOR 3 YEARS AND BROUGHT THIS BAD BOY TO LIFE!! @netflix #entergalactic Now, the big question: What to wear??” He then thanked folks involved with the show: “Kenya Barris, Elizabeth Porter, Mike Moon, Mike Penketh, Fletch Moules, Maurice Williams, Ian Edelman, Karina Manashil, Dennis Cummings. This is the Entergalactic team behind the scenes that made my dream come to life and I am so thankful for each and everyone of these amazing people.”

He concluded, “Thank u for all the love for the emmy nom yall. Really means so much to me [folded hands emoji] #Emmys2023 #entergalactic.”