Yesterday (June 18) was Father’s Day. Naturally, Nick Cannon is the musician that most prominently comes to mind on that occasion. ASAP Rocky, though, is one of music’s biggest power couples alongside Rihanna, so he has plenty to celebrate, too.

He did so with an Instagram post featuring a handful of photos and videos. The gallery starts with a video of Rocky brushing his teeth, followed by a video of him and RZA (his son, not the Wu-Tang Clan rapper) napping in bed and a photo of RZA flashing a big, happy smile. Next is a video of Rocky and Rihanna hanging out in the bathroom, as Rocky prompts RiRi to show off her pregnant belly as she insists, “This is so sad.” She then jokingly moves her belly around before Rocky pats his own stomach and insists he and his wife match, which gets a laugh from Rihanna.

The post ends with a photo of Rocky kissing Rihanna’s pregnant belly, a video of RZA, and Rihanna and RZA laying in bed. It’s a cute look into the couple’s family life and Rihanna seemed to enjoy it, as she commented on the post, “The Mayers boys stole my whole heart! Happy Father’s Day nerd.”

RZA may not be old enough to enjoy Rihanna’s music yet, but he’ll probably be happy with her upcoming role in a Smurfs movie.