Michael Cera’s recent interview with Rolling Stone revealed quite a lot, including having a marriage and divorce pact with Aubrey Plaza at one point. He also revealed his thoughts about a particular scene in the 2013 movie, This Is The End, where Rihanna slaps him.

The two had reportedly discussed the scene before it happened — as Cera’s character (playing himself) slaps Rihanna’s butt while she’s talking to Jason Segel, which causes her to hit him in the face. “Shut the f*ck up, Jason,” Cera responds in the original clip. “We’re playing a game.”

As part of the story, Rihanna also agreed to it if she apparently got to hit back.

“I thought it would look a lot better if she hit me,” Cera said. “I don’t think it took much convincing to get her to do it. I just thought it would look a lot better than a fake slap would because you can really feel it. It just looks a lot funnier!”

“The take that is in the movie, she really did hit my ear, which was disorienting,” he added. “But I have no regrets. I didn’t lose any hearing over it, fortunately!”

Check out the Rihanna and Michael Cera slap scene from the movie here.

Source: uproxx.com