Rihanna Will Perform At The 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show

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Rihanna as well as Rihanna and the NFL has reportedly verified they will perform at the Super Bowl. Bajan pop singer will perform during the next Super Bowl halftime show. In the past, Rihanna shared a picture of footballs on Instagram and is what the Official NFL Instagram account have liked.

Then the incident, the NFL tweeted the same image, and tagged Rihanna, Apple Music, as well as the NFL on its Fox twitter account.

Rihanna was said to be offered the opportunity an appearance during Rihanna was reportedly offered to perform at Super Bowl in 2020, but she declined the offer in response because of the treatment by NFL officials Colin Kaepernick.

The fans of Rihanna are also looking forward to new music since she’s been in the process of releasing her ninth studio album for over six years. This year’s Super Bowl halftime show seems to be the perfect time to showcase new tracks.

In May, Rihanna and ASAP Rocky welcomed their son. Although it might seem like she’s tied to her hat being a mother of a newborn and artist as well as an entrepreneur, Rihanna said in a recent interview with Vogue she’s not feeling restricted or impeded by any means.

“I think I even say yes to more now,” she added, “because I know it will be different from the other side of this. Initially, I was expecting an enchanted transformation but I’m still the person I am.”

She continued, sayingthat “none of the dials are turned down.”

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