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Robert Horry has seven NBA championships to his name, but his name has been used in song lyrics way more than seven times.

The former Houston Rocket, Los Angeles Laker, and San Antonio Spur joined Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson’s All The Smoke last week. With around six minutes left in the nearly 90-minute episode, Barnes asked Horry to choose the “best Robert Horry name-drop in a song.”

Horry giggled before launching into his answer(s).

“I’m in so many damn songs,” Horry said. “I remember, we were at a light, and this dude pulls up next to us, and we just happened to have the windows down. We was in Pensacola, Florida, and dude was playing Kevin Gates. Kevin Gates named my name, and it’s a white guy in a Challenger — bopping his head.”

Horry described being in the passenger’s seat as his ex-wife was driving, and the White Man Driving A Challenger in question doing a double-take when Gates dropped Horry’s name in a bar.

“My current wife hates this song. I love this song. ‘Don’t you open up that window,’” Horry added, singing Travis Scott’s “Antidote.” He continued, “My wife, every time, she [says], ‘Is there something you need to tell me?’”

Someone off-camera asked Horry if he’s gotten in trouble with his wife for the song. He confirmed he has not gotten in trouble, but he still might playfully confront Scott about it.

“I met Travis Scott once. He was a huge Rockets fan — still is to this day — and I met him. I almost wanted to say, ‘Man, why you put me in that song? And what you mean by three-peat three h*es the other week?’ It’s just fun, man,” Horry said.

Horry additionally recalled a game in New Orleans during his playing days when he “ran up to Lil Wayne and said, ‘Dude, I’m honored, man, that you even know who I am.” And while his wife might not necessarily be the biggest fan of hearing her husband’s name in racy rap lyrics, he said his kids “are more proud of it than I am.”

Scott’s 2015 seminal hit “Antidote” features Scott rap-singing in the first verse, “I just hit a three-peat / F*cked three h*es I met this week (Robert Horry).”

Last month, Scott previewed his highly anticipated forthcoming album Utopia for the Houston Astros, so at least if one of them is name-checked, he’ll have a heads up. There is no official release date for Utopia, but he’s been slowly testing out songs on the presumed tracklist, including one featuring Bad Bunny.

Watch Horry’s All The Smoke episode above.

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