Last week, Atlanta rapper Future seemingly revived his feud with Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson on Quavo’s new song “Turn Yo Clic Up.” In his verse, Future says, “I got it out the field, f*ck Russell,” which some fans took to be a clear shot at Wilson, with whom Future has been feuding since 2015, when Wilson began dating R&B singer Ciara after she broke up with Future in 2014.

However, Wilson has always taken the high road, choosing not to respond to Future’s provocations — at least, not directly. He continued in this strategy with his latest social media post, which fans have determined is the best kind of subtle clapback. Posting a photo of himself and his stepson, Future (yes, he’s named after his dad), Wilson captioned the post: “Best part of the day #DadLife.” Given the criticism that the adult Future has taken online for taking a supposedly aloof parenting style to his seven children, Fans were delighted to see the laid-back football player gain the upper hand in their exchange.

There are a lot of good responses, but this one pretty much sums it up: “Future said I’m really in the field f*ck Russell.. then Russ took a pic in the field with his kid .. this uncharted territory of disrespect.”

Yup. You can check out more responses below.