Sampa The Great Can’t Believe Her Song Was Used In The New ‘Black Panther’ Trailer

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Earlier this year, I wrote that Sampa The Great’s new album As Above, So Below is one of the top five rap albums of 2022. Still, even so, the Zambian rapper can’t believe that her song “Never Forget” featuring Chef 187, Tio Nason, and Mwanjé is the soundtrack of the newly released Wakanda Forever trailer. The trailer uses the track’s outro, which features African chanting and traditional rhythms, as it introduces the returning cast from the original Black Panther and juxtaposes them against their new threat from Atlantean mutant Namor.

“Can you imagine!” Sampa wrote. “Me … A non-Billboard charting-ass, no huge awards having-ass, non-viral video-ass, no sold-out arena tour having-ass independent artist whose song is on a Black Panther Trailer! This how God works. Thankful!!”

Along with “Never Forget,” Sampa’s new album also features the singles “Lane,” “Never Forget,” and “Bona,” showcasing an impressive breadth of stylistic diversity, with heavy influences from Sampa’s upbringing in Zambia. And although she was charmingly self-deprecating in her reaction to getting “Never Forget” placed in the Wakanda Forever trailer, like the film’s new Black Panther, she’s on track to living up to that song’s title in no time.

You can watch the Wakanda Forever trailer above.

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