Santigold Cancels Her 2022 Tour Due To Challenges: ‘The Landscapes We Are Re-Entering Are Not The Same’

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Santigold released the highly-anticipated album Spirituals in the month of October, the sequel to her mixtape I Don’t Like the Gold Fire Sessions. It was planned for her to begin her The Holified Tour which was announced in June and was scheduled to start on October 1st in Atlanta, Georgia and end in November in San Diego, California. But, she has decided to cancel the tour due to the manner in which the pandemic is affecting the reality of traveling.

“[For] the past several years we have all been through immense challenges, some physical, some mental, some spiritual, some economic,” she posted in her blog. “And even when we’ve started to get back on track, a lot of the repercussions of the experience was ignored as we race into the new year, trying to recuperate from the time lost and reconnect, or pay off unpaid bills and escape the craziness that has begun to set in. In the case of many, the environments that we’re returning to are not identical.”

She added, “As a touring musician I don’t think anybody was prepared for the changes that was to come our way. After being idle (not being able to perform shows) over the past two years, a lot of us as everyone else earned very little or no income during the time. Every musician who was able to, went out as soon as it was considered safe to perform shows. We were greeted with the highest levels of inflation: gas tours, hotels and flights soared and some of our most-loved venues were have been shut down due to a massive market of musicians trying to get shows booked in the same locations, and test results that were positive constantly stopping schedules, with disastrous financial implications. This added to the already-saturated physical, mental, spiritual and emotional resources of just getting over the past few years. We’re finding ourselves in a position where we are not able to get it done.”

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Uproxx Santigold Cancels Her 2022 Tour Due To Challenges: ‘The Landscapes We Are Re-Entering Are Not The Same’ Top HipHop

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