Sexyy Red, also known as “the hood hottest princess,” is currently the talk of the town in the hip-hop industry. The St. Louis native has been making headlines with her music and her bold, unfiltered personality. Her antics and humorous quotes have made her a favorite among fans and peers alike.

Many fans have been curious about whether Sexyy Red is signed to a record label. Although her recent mixtape was released through Open Shift Distribution and Gamma Records, she clarified in an interview with Interview magazine that she’s not actively seeking a deal. She also mentioned that she doesn’t have any ongoing feuds with other rappers, stating that while diss tracks can be fun, they often lead to unnecessary drama.

Sexyy Red’s vibrant personality is all-natural, with no need for substances. She openly admits to not drinking alcohol, simply stating, “Liquor stink.”

Her candid nature has won her a lot of support within the rap community, including from big names like Drake and Tyler The Creator. With such backing, it’s clear that Sexyy Red is here to stay. Fans can look forward to seeing her perform live on her upcoming Hood Hottest Princess Tour this fall.