Sexyy Red is currently enjoying a high point in her career. The St. Louis rapper has had the opportunity to meet and perform with Drake, take a charming photo with Tyler The Creator, and is preparing to embark on her Hood Hottest Princess Tour, which is set to hit cities all over the U.S. She’s riding a wave of success and shows no signs of slowing down.

Next on her to-do list is a remix of her single “Hellcats & SRTS” from the Hood Hottest Princess album, featuring Lil Durk. The two rappers recently shared a humorous interaction when Durk teased the upcoming collaboration but mistakenly misspelled Red’s rap name in his tweet. He wrote, “Feel like going on my feature run,” he wrote. “I’m healed….First stop sexy red second stop ytbFATT.”

In response to this, Red playfully corrected him with a deliberate typo, writing, “Dang u gon spell my name wrong Lil Jerk?”

The playful banter continued this week when Durk posted a screenshot of his digital audio workstation session revealing the title of the collaboration and intentionally misspelling her name as “cexy reddd”. Red responded with humor, saying, “Ok lol luh derk got me lost for words right now.” This amusing interaction has fans of both rappers excited for their collaboration, as their online chemistry suggests that their musical partnership will be worth listening to.