It’s official: there is a new epidemic sweeping the globe. However, rather than a virus ruining everybody’s fun, this disease is more behavioral. Fans at concerts can’t stop being obnoxious, pelting performers with objects until they give up and go home. Last year, Steve Lacy smashed a fan’s disposable camera and Kid Cudi ended his Rolling Loud set early, while this year Bebe Rexha got a black eye from a cell phone, and Kelsea Ballerina was also beaned by a mobile device to the face.

The latest victim of this plague is breakout rap star Sexyy Red, who was forced to cut short a recent outdoor performance after someone in the crowd reportedly threw water bottles and balls on stage. In a fan-posted video, Red can be seen flouncing offstage while declaring, “I’m gone! Y’all throwing sh*t, I’m gone!” And while the DJ tries to keep the crowd hype with some explosions (seriously, though, these do not work. Knock it off), there’s a palpable sense of disappointment as Red exits stage left.

It’s a shame that so many breakout stars have to put up with this nonsense. And while COVID caused a lot of disappointment by shutting down live entertainment for a year, this sort of thing is getting even more frustrating, because who wants to pay today’s ticket prices, get dressed up, pay for parking and overpriced drinks, all to have the performers get pissed off by some feral asshole in the crowd with no sense of boundaries and leave early? Let’s all hope these folks get this trollish energy out of their systems because things are already bad enough as it is.