It’s hard to go anywhere without hearing the lyrics “I’m outta town, thuggin with my rounds” thanks to Sexyy Red’s Tay Keith-produced summer anthem, “Pound Town,” which is why she had to stop by Uproxx to speak to our very own Cherise Johnson and gives the lay of the land with “Sexyy Red’s 5 Laws of Pound Town.”

While the song is raunchy, downright fun and easily relatable, there are rules you must follow when you go to Pound Town. The first law of Pound Town is: Condoms. Sure, Sexyy is all for having a good time, but safety and sexual health comes first! The rest of the laws follow the same tone of responsibility, fairness, and hygiene.

With mind-blowing lyrics like “my coochie pink / my booty hole brown,” the self-proclaimed hood hottest princess speaks on what a night in Pound Town is like in its descriptive, adrenaline-fueled glory. It’s really the best place to be for showing out, but in a fresh and safe way.

Watch Sexyy Red’s 5 Laws Of Pound Town with UPROXX below.

Sexyy Red’s rise to fame has also been studded with a Nicki Minaj collab, who is featured on “Pound Town 2,” the remix for the viral hit. Sexyy also just released her new album Hood Hottest Princess, which features eleven songs proving exactly why she’s a star.