In today’s music industry, it’s not enough to just produce hit records consistently. Artists are now expected to have multiple sources of income, often including a product that is closely linked to their personal brand. For instance, Cardi B has Whip Shots, and Tyler The Creator has Golf nail polish.

Sexyy Red, one of the most promising new talents in rap, is also venturing into product development inspired by her music. She is launching a line of lip glosses, with each shade named after lyrics from her song “Pound Town”. However, as she revealed in an interview with Interview magazine, these names are quite unconventional.

Sexyy Red announced, “I got a lip gloss line dropping soon, y’all better shop with your girl. I got all different flavors: Coochie Juice, Bootyhole Brown, Coochie Pink, Sex on My Period, Gonorrhea, Yellow Discharge, and Nut.”

The names of these shades may raise eyebrows. For instance, the idea of applying a lip gloss called “yellow discharge” may not appeal to many. However, it’s worth noting that Sexyy Red’s unique and audacious language has made her debut hit a fan favorite and viral sensation in just a few months. So perhaps her fans will respond more positively to these products than anticipated. Regardless, if she manages to find a business partner willing to market products with such provocative names, it would be wise to secure the payment upfront and forgo stock options.