Shaquille O’Neal Reveals Biggie Had An Unreleased Verse On ‘Can’t Stop The Reign’

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Shaquille O’Neal shared a story to relate concerning the death of notorious B.I.G. and an unreleased track from the joint single “You Can’t Stop the Reign” when he visited The Drink Champs.

A four-time NBA champion looked back on the recording session to record the track, in which Notorious B.I.G. was present and they wrote a couple of lyrics. According Shaq, Biggie was a guest at the house. Shaq the rapper did not want to disappoint his friend , so he changed his original lyrics and, when it was to Biggie to perform his job, he tied the athlete with energy.

“So when I finally got the word that Big was going to do it I did a verse but I didn’t like it,” Shaq stated. “My issue is this is Big entering. One thing I have to do is impress Big because when Big says”No This is a terrible idea and I’m done. I’m not going to get another shot.”

He added: “So I did it I let my kids hear it. He didn’t bopping his head, but I didn’t mind. My other boy let me listen to it, he wasn’t happy about it. I let the other one hear it , and he told me that the other one was too tight. Then Big fell down his back along with Lil Cease so I’m nervous.

Shaq said that Biggie was eager to hear the song, and when he triggered the song, Biggie began to blink his eyes to indicate that Shaq attracted his attention.

“He’s thinking, ‘Ok, big dog it’s tight, that’s tight. Then I said, ‘Ok the dog likes it. I’m going leave him alone as well as Lil Cease do their thing. I told him, ‘Here’s where you go Big I’ll give you the pen and pad. Click this button now and I’ll be at home, and he’s like “No, I’m already ready and I said”What do you mean by is that you’re ready now? and he smiles and went in the room, and killed the pen.

He went on to say: “And the first verse is the only one who got the song and I’ll never be able to play the song again. He went off and I got a tear in my eye because I had to push the button, and I thought”Umm Big,” and the guy says, ‘Yeah sure, for the children, for the children. Sorry, Diesel,’ and then he sang the lyrics of the song. I understood the song however I’m not playing it.”

A version called “You Can’t Stop the Reign” which is on Shaq’s third studio album with the same title reached the number. 54 in the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop Single & Tracks chart. The song came in three versions made available one of which had three verses by Shaq as well as an album version featuring two verses by Biggie and a third the remix by DJ Quick.

Shaq isn’t the only one who has unreleased music of Notorious B.I.G. In August, the legendary engineer Young Guru dropped a never-before-heard conversational audio from the rapper’s last days on Instagram. The rapper prefaced the post by saying the video was from an interview Biggie was having with Tracey Lee the night they hung out and recorded Biggie’s hit song “Keep Your Hands High” in a later deleted Instagram post.

The clip’s audio listeners can hear Biggie exhaling and then diving into the notion that the Rap game can make someone “soft.”

“Drama crazy drama, and he just called my crib last night and was like, ‘Yo man you think the game make a n-gga soft?'” Biggie is heard saying. “I had no doubt. No doubt. The game makes a soft man. The game makes a ni-gga soft man.

“They can play you, but you’re not able to even hit N-Ggas in the face as you would. When the n-gga didn’t respect you, you’d simply beat down the n-gga and then that’s it.”

He adds: “I put my hands on a n-gga and I’m headed to prison. I’m writing the papers and am being accused of it. It’s not right. It’s all fucked up. From a straight n-gga who is to me.

“They could have played me in a slam of disrespect and I’m not able to even hit out as I would like since I’ve suffered a few about it, and the people don’t have any repercussions for their actions. The press is the only culprit and the media and the public, and it’s all just absurd.”

Biggie’s ‘Ready To Die’ Helped NBA Star Zion Williamson Overcome Adversity

“Keep Your Hands High” came out in Tracey Lee’s album debut “Many Facez on the 25th of March 1997. The album was released in conjunction when Biggie’s posthumous release Life After The Day of Death.

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