Sharon Osbourne Completely Missed Why Kanye West’s ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirts Were So Offensive

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Kanye West’s “White Lives Matter” shirts continue to draw attention and reactions from celebrities and fans individuals alike. This in the light of it, was the intention to begin with. While a lot of celebrities have spoken out against the shirts’ message and message, others were baffled by the backlash they received as well, such as Sharon Osbourne, who said to TMZ, “I don’t know why white lives don’t matter. I’m not sure why. It’s not in my culture. Everyone is important, aren’t they? ?… I’m not sure what his purpose is.”

She didn’t grasp the reason why this statement is offensive, she did point out that there are many readily available explanations like that one (although in order to be honest, it’s not like she knew exactly what TMZ reporter was talking about and the reporter did a poor job explaining the situation) However, she agreed to Kanye about the Black Lives Matter organization that was born out of the aftermath of the highly-publicized murders of Black Americans (especially by police) was “a scam.” “We donated $900,000 to the group and I’d like to have it to be returned. I wish he had made that statement earlier.” But she did offer a tip to anyone who isn’t a fan of Kanye West’s rants: “Don’t go to his social media. Don’t play his music. Don’t disturb the man… In the event that you aren’t happy with him, don’t make it clear.”

Her advice is hilarious given that it’s what the “cancel culture” she decries during the interview is about, and also very pertinent. The only method for people to stop Kanye is to not give Kanye what he’s looking for is attention. Before anyone smart comment, the day when people quit clicking on every single article on his behalf to write snarky remarks is the day when most publications stop writing about Kanye West. However the subject will continue to be a source of debate, even when his new friends at Fox Nex condemn his latest error.

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Uproxx Sharon Osbourne Completely Missed Why Kanye West’s ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirts Were So Offensive Top HipHop

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