Smino Gets Some Shattering News In His ‘Luv 4 Rent’ Trailer Featuring Bootsy Collins

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While quietly marketing his third album Luv 4 Rent for over eleven months Smino is finally revealed its release date, along with a brief trailer that teases a new musical direction. In the trailer released today, Smino posted on his social media accounts in the early hours of this morning Smino is seen in a St. Louis rapper sits in a comfortable chair the plush, shamrock green bathrobe and slippers, enjoying his favourite pastime as an upbeat song with the voice of none other than the massive Smino Influence Bootsy Collins plays over the radio.

As you fall asleep, your window breaks when a brick crashes through it, knocking him awake . The song turns into an upbeat tune that is reminiscent of the Big Boi’s Speakerboxxx. As three women dressed in white wedding dresses leave the scene, Smino takes the brick and puts it in a bag that is then wrapped with the note with a single word: “Rent due.”

The inclusion of Bootsy Collins on the project should come as no surprise but it is welcome, considering how much inspiration Smino has taken from Parliament-Funkadelic in both his aesthetic and his music. However, Smi hasn’t shared many details about the album , other than the songs we’ve heard of the album — specifically, two singles ” I Deserve” and ” 90 Proof” with J. Cole — we have now an official release date for the album: October 28. It seems like “Droptober” really is in full swing.

Watch Smino’s trailer for Luv 4 Rent above, and pre-order the album here..

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Uproxx Smino Gets Some Shattering News In His ‘Luv 4 Rent’ Trailer Featuring Bootsy Collins Top HipHop

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