Every year before the Grammys, the Roc Nation Brunch brings together some of the biggest names in music. Some of the biggest artists join together in a special brunch, dressed to the nines at the iconic event organized by Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

While it seems like everybody who’s anybody makes an appearance each year at the Roc Nation Brunch, some of the most prolific acts claim they have never been invited. The latest is Snoop Dogg, who shared his theory as to why he’s never received an invitation during an episode of the F3LLAS PODCAST, with HaHa Davis and BlackBarry.

“I know why they don’t want me to come,” Snoop said. “’Cause I’ma be the sharpest. They know when I walk in, my outfit gon’ turn everything out.”

He continued, laughing, assuring the hosts that it’s all love between him and Jay.

“Nah, it’s all good. I f*ck with Jay — that’s my guy,” he said. “I just ain’t had time to slide through to one of those brunches. Maybe next time we can all go together, we’ll roll up in there together. Just come in there with a linen outfit — I think you gotta have on linen.”

Perhaps next year, Snoop.

Source: uproxx.com