Snoop Dogg Reveals A New Line Of Breakfast Foods ‘Adding Diversity Into The Grocery Stores’

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After the huge popularity of his cereal Snoop Loopz, Snoop Dogg has unveiled a new range of products from the Broadus Foods collection. In an Instagram post, Snoop Dogg has revealed that Instagram, Snoop revealed the Momma Snoop breakfast foods which includes instant oatmeal, grits, maple syrup along with pancake mix.

“There was a void for our culture when they took ‘Aunt Jemima’ off the shelves,” Snoop wrote Snoop in his caption to the post. “We’re replacing it with ‘Momma Snoop’ pancake mix, syrup, grits and oatmeal adding diversity into the grocery stores industry and creating opportunities for minority-owned food products and brands.”

Snoop created Broadus Foods last year, to pay tribute to the legacy of his mom, Beverly Tate, who passed away in the year 2000. Snoop also named the businessman and rapper Master P as the company’s CEO.

“Our mission is to build economic empowerment and generational wealth,” Master P said in the post. Master P in the post. “The more we make, the more we give.”

In his breakfast song, Snoop says in the video that his goals for the breakfast line consist of “making it easy to wake up early in the morning, have something to eatand begin your day with a bang. Something healthy, something”generational,” something by me and P towards you and you.”

Through the last calendar year Snoop is dipping his toes in a myriad of business ventures. In February, he purchased Death Row Records, and announced plans to transform the label to the ” NFT label.

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Uproxx Snoop Dogg Reveals A New Line Of Breakfast Foods ‘Adding Diversity Into The Grocery Stores’ Top HipHop

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