Sorry, But Bruce Willis Didn’t Actually Sell His Likeness To A Deepfake Company

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This week, a bizarre report came out: Bruce Willis had been reported to have sold his image for sale to Deepcake, the company behind these nebulous fakes called deepfakes. According to the report, claimed that the adored actor — or the “digital twin” of him at the very least could be immortalized in movies, commercials, TV shows, and more into the distant future. If that sounds alarming to you, then here’s a good news: it’s not the case.

According to BBC the two of them, Willis as well as Deepcake have both denied this has ever took place. The spokesperson of Willis stated that it was “no partnership or agreement” to offer his image to a company that would then create fake videos of his. Deepcake however, claimed that only Willis is entitled to show his face.

In the summer, it was announced that Willis was diagnosed with aphasia. This is an uncommon disorder that can affect speech and understanding. He announced his retirement following years of acting, triggering many tributes to his long and rich career.

If a fake version of Willis was to have been created it, it wouldn’t have been the first time that technology has recreated an actor’s appearance. A rendition of late Peter Cushing, who passed away in 1994, was featured in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, in which was also a young version of Carrie Fisher. In the past, AI technology allowed the producers of Top Gun: Maverick to recreate the voice of Val Kilmer, who passed away from throat cancer. Soundalikes and deepfakes can be extremely risky, as this Radiolab episode demonstrates and must be stopped before they are exploited by dangerous individuals like powerful world leaders.

(Via BBC)

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Uproxx Sorry, But Bruce Willis Didn’t Actually Sell His Likeness To A Deepfake Company Top HipHop

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