SOURCE SPORTS: Lakers Coach Darvin Ham Says Team Will ‘Turn the Corner’

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The Los Angeles Lakers in a 2-8 hole and being second place on the Western Conference, head coach Darvin Ham is determined in his quest to make a change for the season.

Following a loss of 139-116 against the Utah Jazz without LeBron James, Ham spoke to the media and asked the media to quote it.

“I will say this man. Write it or quote it, however,” Ham said, according to ESPN. “This could be happening right in the beginning of the effort to change the culture that will get us back to being competitive on a regular basis however it’s not likely to be this way.


“We’re about to make a turn. I came here not to lose. I wasn’t brought this place to be a loser.”

Ham was adamant about the process and said he would love to embrace it. “I would like to encapsulate this. I’d like to accept it. I want it, and keep it in a safe place so when things turn around and we are too comfortable and start talking about problems that aren’t actually problems , but issues that winning teams have to face I would like be in a position to look back on these moments.”

The Lakers will play again to take on with the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday on ESPN.

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The Source SOURCE SPORTS: Lakers Coach Darvin Ham Says Team Will ‘Turn the Corner’ Top HipHop

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