SOURCE SPORTS: Suns/Mercury Owner Robert Sarver To Sell Both Franchises

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The owner of both the basketball team’s Phoenix Suns and WNBA’s Mercury, Robert Sarver has announced that he’s begun the process of selling both franchises.

In an announcement, Sarver stated”in “our unforgiving climate,” it’s evident that any positive things he can accomplish in the future will be weighed against what that he’s done previously.

This follows Sarver has been banned for a year and was fined $10 million by the NBA following an independent inquiry into the Suns Mercury’s workplace. The investigation revealed that he had employed racist language and a system of unjust treatment of female employees, in addition to the harsh treatment of employees which was linked to the issue of bullying.


NBA director Adam Silver said Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, said he “fully supports the decision” made by Sarver to let both teams go. “This is the right next step for the organization and community,” Silver declared.

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Sarver stated that for the time being, he’ll keep trying to improve himself as a person, and will also help his community in a positive way.

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The Source SOURCE SPORTS: Suns/Mercury Owner Robert Sarver To Sell Both Franchises Top HipHop

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