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Spice is speaking out after her recent health crisis.

There was earlier said that the queen of Dancehall had been in a state of coma after an operation she underwent. There were reports that claimed she died.

Thankfully, she’s healthy and healthy. She posted on Instagram to update her Instagram to update her followers- she began the message with a statement, “thank you Jesus for helping me save my life. Hey Besties I’m now in a better place today to inform you about my health condition.”

She goes on to say, “I suffered a damage hernia just a few days ago which put my body in sepsis. As a result, I was taken to the hospital for urgent operation. You may have noticed that I’ve been away from social media for some time to take a break from my mental health, but I didn’t realize that at the time of my medical emergency, it had already reported that I was suffering from an attack of the heart, were in a Coma and also died , but none of that is actually true. ”

She added, “however I’m still recovering from what really happened so thanks so much for all the prayers and concerns, please take great care of yourself, eat, live, love laugh, like it’s your last day, I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO MUCH..”