Spotify is reportedly considering placing one of its most popular features behind a paywall, accessible only to Premium subscribers. The music streaming giant has confirmed that it is testing the removal of song lyrics for non-subscribed users in certain regions, according to Billboard.

The company regularly conducts a variety of tests, some of which shape the overall user experience while others serve as valuable learning opportunities, a company spokesperson told the publication. They added that this particular test is being conducted with a limited number of users in two markets, but did not provide any further details.

Currently, song lyrics are displayed for most tracks on the app when users scroll up. Users on the free tier, which includes advertisements, have been notified about the potential change via social media alerts.

However, even Premium subscribers have expressed dissatisfaction with the proposed change. One user questioned why they should pay for a feature that often displays incorrect lyrics, is frequently out of sync, or doesn’t show lyrics at all for some songs.

Others humorously noted that song lyrics can easily be found for free via a quick Google search, undermining the company’s attempt to gain more subscribers through this move.

Several reactions to Spotify’s potential lyric paywall move have been shared on social media platforms.