On August 23, reports emerged that Polo G’s residence in Los Angeles was raided by the police. The rapper, who recently announced his fourth album, Hood Poet, was ordered to leave his home and was handcuffed along with others as the police conducted their search.

Further details about the incident have been revealed. Polo G’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, released a statement via XXL, explaining that the raid was conducted to confirm that Polo G is not a convicted felon.

Cohen stated that the incident primarily involved someone else residing in Polo G’s home and not Polo G directly. He said that the officers detained Polo G to confirm that he is not a convicted felon, as they claimed to have found a firearm in the house. Cohen emphasized that it is well-known that Polo G is not and has never been a convicted felon.

Cohen also mentioned that he had previously managed to get all of Polo G’s charges in Miami dismissed when the rapper was, in his opinion, wrongfully arrested and charged. He expressed concern over the fact that they were denied access to their client, which he deemed illegal and unethical, and insisted that someone would have to answer for these alleged wrongful actions.

A representative for Polo G expressed hope that the Los Angeles Police Department would handle the situation with tact and transparency.

Source: uproxx.com